Storm Pack

Only the strong survive


Pack Set Up

The Storm Pack setup has changed as the pack grew bigger. And changed again since the new Rule of Kendo and Ice Crystal. It is now set up some what like an Army. Due to the rise of the Rebellion, Everything needs to be just a strict as though it really were an army.

Alpha General~ The Alpha General acts at the leader of Storm pack. Their orders are absolute. They often wear the traditional chain around their necks, with a key on it, that is able to unlock the locks on all the other storm members necks.

General~ The General is the second in command of the pack but doesn't necessarily take over if the Alpha General dies. He or She is usually the one to control the pack's more minor details, or take over while the other is not there. Due to them working together, there has to be at least a basic bond of trust between these two ranks. The General is usually as strong as the Alpha General.

Commander~ The Commanders take orders directly from the General, and are each in charge of a Unit of Soldiers, to keep the pack organized. They are often decided by tournaments of who is the strongest or a pack vote, as the wolves with these positions must be respected enough to command soldiers beneath them. There are anywhere from 1-4 of them, and there is little distinction other than the area they oversee guarding of.Commanders may also train apprentices. 

Shaman/Shaman's Apprentice~ In other packs most Shamans are coveted as the connection to Spirit Pack. The ancestors sometimes whisper in the ears of chosen pups, giving them advice. But in Storm most Shamans are not as respected as others. It all depends on the current Alpha and General and how much individual members care about Spirit Pack and the wolf themself.

The Guardian~ The Guardian is the one who watches over the wolves of the bowl. He or she keeps track of them, their teams, and their kills. The guardian may train an apprentice, but there may only be one guardian at a time. They may also stop unfair fights, and control 2 mountain lions that are forever in Storm Pack's debt, as well as are able to call upon wolves in the pack to help them in dealing with issues.

The Cell Keeper~ The newest rank introduced to Storm pack. Usually this rank is fulfilled by an older wolf who has the skills required for the job, but sometimes a younger wolf is trained to take their place-either way, the process to become this rank is rather rigorous in that those in training must be able to sit still. For hours. And hours. And hours. Never interacting with the prisoner or showing even a hint of emotion. The Cell Keeper guards the Prison chambers to make sure the prisoners don't escape. Even when the pack has no prisoners, the Cell Keeper still spends most of their time in the Chamber.

Medics~ There can be anywhere from 1-4 Medics, and it wasn't until recently this rank became flexible. Medics are skilled in herbs and healing techniques. They often prefer the art of restoring life, rather than taking it.

Soldiers~ Soldiers are the common fighters of Storm Pack. They've all either graduated the puppy bowl, or proved themselves in some other way. They are organized into different units, depending on their teams in the Puppy bowl

Recruits~ Recruits are usually teens, that have just graduated from the puppy bowl although some may be older than a teen. They are also placed into units, and will remain in that unit into their rank as Soldier.

Trainee's~ Trainee's are puppy's that have completed their first hunt and thrown into the puppy bowl to make at least 3 kills, or prove themselves worthy with flawless team work and strategy.

Rats~ The lowest of the low, this rank is the title a puppy is given when it is first born. They have proved nothing yet, and are often considered nuisances, until they've brought honor to their family by passing the bowl.

Name Colors

Some characters will have a different color for their name than the normal red shade. Here's what these colors mean.

  • Pink-This means that the character is up for adoption for one reason or another. Message an admin to see if it can be yours! Once it is, you have the freedom to change their name, personality, and even appearance! Just remember to do it slowly or transitionally if they have family or crushes listed.
  • Blue-Characters that are blue have been created specifically to be killed. They only have a sentence or so for their description, and anyone can use them, as long as you tell an administrator if they get killed.
  • Orange-NPC characters that can be used at any point in time and by anyone, usually to help along a plot or just to demonstrate something in rp, or the person who created them can be requested to do so.

Special inactive Characters Labels

Some characters are given a special leave, as their rper comes online when requested, or for certain events.
The statuses may be shown next to the RPers name.

Seasonal~ Means they are only on during  a specific season, which will be listed below the characters side bar information.

Requestable- Though it may be a bit difficult, you can generally find a way to get the player of this wolf to come on, if only to give the OK on something.